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Jeremy Cape, the principal of CapeAbility Consultants Pty Ltd, has a wealth of experience in agriculture and the natural resource sector gained both in Australia and internationally. His career has been characterised by foresight and being ahead of the pack, as evidenced by the number of significant industry “firsts” he has participated in and led including the Cooperative Research Cetnre for Irrigation Futures.

The variety of organisations he has consulted to and worked for has given him a rare breadth of experience and an ability to work across many disciplines. He is an experienced project manager as well as having made a major contribution as a researcher with particular skills in technology adoption, community engagement and communications. His involvement in training and capacity building and developing standards. His membership of International Standards Sub Committee TC23, SC18 (2003 – 2011) and as Chair of the Smart Approved Water Mark expert panel are examples of the roles he has played in evaluation and review of technology and practices.

His broad experience means that he is equally comfortable engaging in detailed technical discussions with scientists, facilitating community meetings, contributing to papers for publications, working as a member of a Board, presenting to large and small conferences and workshops and commissioning scientific research.